We do a lot to do little ......... carefully minimising our impact on the environment at Cloud View Garden.

·    A huge 13 Kw Solar panel installation provides more than enough electricity for everyone on our property.

·    Two 35,000 Litre water tanks sustains all our water use – inside our home and out in the garden.

·    Wastewater is purified and then directed through subterranean pipes to water the trees in our lower paddock.

·    Composting of our food and garden scraps feeds right back into our veggie patch and garden.

·    Worm Farm to come.

·    Bee Hives to come.

·    Recycling – we upcycle too. Nothing better than finding new purpose  and life for an item.

·    Our veggie garden. When we can and if you would like us to cook for you – you’ll be eating organic veggies – as much as we can from our own garden – others from friends nearby. Wander down to our veggie garden. Take a look at what’s growing. Touch it – smell it. It’s a thing of joy !