Luxury Accommodation Olinda can’t get much better than this. 

Only a short, picturesque drive - behold - Cloud View Garden. 

An architecturally designed, stunning property. Uninterrupted rural views over hundreds of hectares and as soon as you step inside, there are those magnificent views again. Floor-to-ceiling windows showcase stunning natural beauty - the view from our huge freestanding bath or our incredible rainshower. The bedroom next door or the living room. 

Luxury Accommodation Olinda so close by in the Dandenongs themselves and then, less than an hour’s drive from Melbourne CBD. Cloud View Garden is the place to cocoon from the pressures and routine of everyday life. 

Romantic Accommodation Olinda 

Luxury Accommodation Olinda is when you allow yourself to drift away to the dreams and aspirations in your head. Any why not - your dreams could have always been leading to Cloud Virewe Garden. 

In some places, Luxury doesn’t always mean, Romantic. Taking Romantic Accommodation Olinda to the ‘next level’ is what Cloud View Garden is all about. Our huge freestanding bath ‘talks’ to you as soon as you see it. It’s asking you to drop in a hand-made bath bomb, to order an antipasto platter and choose a bottle of champagne from your well-stocked fridge. Then slide into the bath and use the bespoke designed bath shelf to sit your goodies between you. The completely private floor-to-ceiling window in front of you will showcase nature but the effect of Romantic Accommodation Olinda will only draw your eyes to each other so draw the blinds, light some candles and revisit what life’s all about. 

And that’s just the bath. What about the rainshower nearby. Is it a shower or is it a room!! It’s huge and again, full glass stunning views to the landscape beyond. 

No matter how you wash and caress your skin, whilst you’re soft and warm, slip next door to our luxurious bedroom. No need to describe this in detail - much more fun to discover yourself. 

Romantic Getaway Olinda 

Romantic Getaway Olinda is about the Keywords - Getaway …...of course, we all need a break from everyday life to remind ourselves how lucky we are to have what we often take for granted. And then what’s priceless that life often distracts us from, it’s being Romantic. 

Cloud View Garden is an easy, peaceful drive from Olinda. A unique, designer space with accommodation that will blow you away. 

Only a short walk from your private balcony at the bottom of our hill is our Fern Glade and Boardwalk. Private and stunning and guess what we’ve hidden down there styled on an island at the top of the Great Barrier Reef, a bar fridge stocked with French Champagne!! Choose a bottle if you wish, look up at magnificent tree ferns that are over a hundred years old and lose yourself in hours of tranquility - wondering what life was like back then likely before humans were in this space. Romantic Getaway Olinda has all this and more to take yourself back to soul, to rediscover the energy and enthusiasm deep inside you.