Luxury Accommodation Belgrave is about the last cute Village, Belgrave, before you get to us at Cloud View Garden, the very next stop along the road out of Melbourne at Menzies Creek. 

You can hear the puffing of steam and the shriek of a whistle as Puffing Billy chugs through the forest very close to us. We’re a great place to Train Spot and have our minds taken back to the Romance of yesteryear. 

Luxury Accommodation Belgrave is nearby and convenient to all major attractions in the Dandenongs. And yet so close to Melbourne - less than an hour from the CBD.

Only six kilometres away, Belgrave has more cuteness. The Cameo Cinemas show mainstream and arthouse movies much in original settings from the 1940s when the building was constructed. To top it off, there are lots of funky cafes and places to eat in Belgrave before your short trip back to Cloud View Garden

Romantic Accommodation Belgrave 

Luxury Accommodation Belgrave is not your traditional Belgrave or Dandenong’s BnB. We’re a stunning new designer space on the side of a hill with panoramic rural views. We’re blessed with the framework of natural beauty around us so how could we not create a unique, private space - Romantic Accommodation Belgrave. Just for you. 

So leave your thoughts of what is ‘normal’ behind. Escape from your mind and be captivated by each other. Be nestled by Nature. We love nature. We’ve allowed it to be part of your vision in every one of our three special rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows yet if you want to wrap yourselves in the special privacy of each other, just draw the blinds and shut out the world. 

The options at Romantic Accommodation Belgrave are endless. That stunning view we just mentioned, think about this. You’ve just filled our huge bath for two. Dropped in a handmade bath bomb. Agonised over the choice from our full fridge; French Champagne, a white or red wine or the purity of sparkling rainwater. We’ve made and delivered the cheese board you’ve ordered. There’s a custom designed recessed tray for the centre of the bath to put these goodies on. You know what to do next => hop in!! How special and how Romantic is that. All in front of a super private view or if you choose, draw the blind and get lost in yourselves. 

Our bedroom is indulgent. Think silky smooth, gorgeous lights, swathes of linen and gold. Not a sound to be heard - even the birds know how to “twitter quietly” when there needs to be absolute peace. What a setting for Romance - you just build what you want to from hereon in. 

Romantic Getaway Belgrave 

Romantic Getaway Belgrave will take you to another world the moment you throw open our wide orange front door. You’ve already parked in your own, personal, covered car space. Our wide garden stairs lead you down to where it all begins and if it's dark - garden lighting

everywhere. And there’s that door. But you are hit by the floor-to-ceiling windows and panoramic views as soon as you enter the Living Room. Wow, wow, WOW 

You rush to discover the surprises we have in store for you. Of course. A designer bathroom awaits - a whole wall of windows yet complete privacy. And that bath - right at the edge near the windows, big enough for two in luxury. And the shower - is it for two, or for ten!!! Stunning. Then the serenity of the bedroom next door. 

So if all you need is to get away lost in each other, Romantic Getaway Belgrave has it all. But when you venture outside, more excitement awaits. 

Check out the huge solar installation on our roof, our massive twin 35,000 rainwater tanks. If caring for the environment floats-your-boat, then your Getaway with us will captivate. 

Go for a Romantic Discovery walk in our extensive gardens. So many places to sit and reflect - to lose yourself. Our veggie garden - the Boardwalk in our Fern Glade is super special. And with a Getaway that makes you feel special, of course you tingle when you hold hands and are flooded with Romance.